1:1 iPad provision


Nether Alderley Primary School has a clear vision for how the use of emerging technologies can enhance teaching and learning. Central to this is the use of mobile technologies.

iPad is embraced as a transformational tool for learning at Nether Alderley. All pupils benefit from the use of iPad as a means of increasing engagement and fostering positive attitudes towards the safe use of technology in a creative manner.




This is particularly evident in Years 5 and 6, where pupils are allocated individual iPads which they keep with them - both in and beyond the school setting. Through the use of multimedia textbooks, designed to support the curriculum, pupils are now engaging with learning in a way unimaginable a few years ago. Apps such as Showbie, enable pupils to receive verbal feedback on their work in order to enable them to develop their ideas further, as well as providing an effective solution to managing digital workflow and portfolios of pupils' work. 


"The 1:1 iPads really increased our daughter's self-motivation with schoolwork. An example would be when they were writing their own Greek legend. Our daughter came home each evening wanting to continue work on her story on 'Pages'. The regular feedback from her teacher through 'Showbie' voice notes meant that she could improve her work as she went along. She was able to make her finished story into an e-book, recording her own voice reading the story. This finished with a special piece of work that she could feel really proud of. Teacher feedback through video and voice recording has been a real positive. The feedback has been very detailed, personalised and regular. Our daughter benefited hugely from being introduced to coding. She really took to it, giving her a taste of something worth exploring further. In a world where certain activities are widely viewed as being 'for girls' or 'for boys', we like the fact that at this young age she has the idea planted in her mind that she could be good at coding."



It's not only the pupils who benefit: teachers worked with parents of Year 5 and 6 pupils providing training on issues relating to online safety and how the school's vision for technology assisted learning has benefitted pupils' independence, creativity and work ethic. Future sessions aim to help parents develop their own IT competencies on iPad.

As a consequence of this commitment, the school has gained a reputation for excellence in its use of technology-assisted learning. Our practice is showcased by Apple re-seller Jigsaw 24 across the country through a number of events and staff and pupils have been invited to present at regional events across the country.


"As Head of Education at Jigsaw24 my role is develop strategy and manage our education sales team. I’m also an ex-teacher and teacher trainer and after nearly 14 years within the education sector, my passion is ensuring that any education institution who invests in technology ensures they can get the most out of it. 

This is why it’s been an incredible honour to work with Nether Alderley Primary School. They are a lighthouse school who utilise technology to its fullest. The school have always had a very clear vision of what they want to achieve and are determined to provide the absolute best learning environment for pupils. They also ensure this learning environment is suitable for every individual pupil and their individual learning styles. 

It’s also incredibly important to highlight that it is not the technology that drives the curriculum at Nether Alderley Primary School. Technology is used to provide additional (and incredibly innovative!) tools to support this experience and these tools work alongside all of the many ways teachers engage pupils. It’s the perfect blend of traditional teaching methods delivered alongside the latest technological tools to create an incredibly rich learning experience.

I’ve worked with hundreds of schools while working at Jigsaw24 and have to say Nether Alderley Primary are a prime example of a school who excel above and beyond what a school environment can achieve thanks to the dedicated staff and complete commitment to their pupils."

- Paul Ford; Head of Education  


Click on the document below to access the evaluation of the first year following the introduction of 1:1 iPad in Years 5 and 6.


Electronic Learning Resources

Pupils are inspired by a range of electronic resources which the School produces to support learning across a range of different topics. Some of these materials are now published and available to download from the Apple iBooks store:


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