"Pupils' behaviour is outstanding both in lessons and around school. They enjoy school greatly and this is seen in their consistently above average attendance. Pupils say how very safe they feel in school and that they are exceptionally well cared for by the adults working with them."

- Ofsted 2017


The behaviour and care of our pupils was rated 'Outstanding' by OFSTED. In school we provide care for the children, as would be taken by any responsible parent. Rules for safety and good conduct are simple and we try to ensure that the reasons for such rules are clearly understood and accepted. We believe that the use of sanctions when necessary, must be seen to be fair, and should be supported by the parent. Relationships between staff and children are friendly and based on mutual respect. It is important that children should feel secure within the school environment.

The behaviour and attitude of the children at Nether Alderley is a real strength of the school and our awards system underpins this. Children at Nether Alderley receive awards in the following ways.

Praise from teachers.

This is the most common method and teachers recognise children's efforts in many different ways eg. positive feedback, written messages and stickers.

House Points

Teachers award house points to children for their efforts. House points are collated each half-term and a winning house is declared. The house cup is decorated with a ribbon to reflect that house's success and the children involved can enjoy a non-uniform day on the first Friday of the next half term. Our houses are called Beacons, Eagles, Knights and Wizards and are named after local legends.

Head teacher awards

Every week each teacher chooses children who have done especially well to receive a sticker in our Friday celebration assembly. Names of these children are printed in our weekly newsletter.

Values awards

We promote the following values: Friendship, Honesty, Manners, Respect and Teamwork. At the end of each term, all members of staff nominate and vote for children who they recognise as embodying these values an dwho are good role models. Medal is awarded to the successful children whose name appears in the end of term newsletter.

Star badges

At the end of each term a star badge is awarded to a child from each year group. Each teacher decides which child has earned the award and they consider each child's effort, behaviour and attitude. If the child chosen has already received a star badge then they are awarded a gold star badge. The names of the successful children are printed in the end of term newsletter.

Attendance awards

Children are awarded a good attendance sticker if they are in the top 20% of attendance at the end of each term - usually 98-99% attendance. Children who achieve 100% attendance receive a special certificate

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