Excellent teaching is at the heart of any successful school. At Nether Alderley, teaching inspires pupils to have high aspirations and to recognise the benefits of adopting a growth mindset. Pupils are challenged to work collaboratively in order to achieve their goals.

At the core of our teaching is a commitment to the following shared values:

  • learning is accessible for all pupils
  • teaching inputs appeal to a range of learning styles
  • appropriate challenge ensures lessons are well-pitched and pupils make progress
  • endeavour is rewarded
  • the use of Kagan structures and cooperative learning styles promotes inclusion and participation
  • use of technology increases engagement and opportunity
  • everyone is given the chance to be successful
  • lessons are fun and engaging

As part of our partnerships within the Fallibroome Multi-Academy Trust, Fallibroome Learning Community and Wilmslow Education Partnership, as well as regular external partnerships with companies such as Jigsaw 24, staff receive continuing professional development which impacts on their teaching. This helps develop a culture of innovation and collaboration which ultimately, enhances pupils' learning.

Pupils also benefit from specialists who visit the school to help create memorable lessons and experiences. We employ a specialist dance teacher, Mrs Anderson-Fitter and welcome Madame Chapman to teach French to KS2. Alongside this, arts specialists such as Hilly Kerr (ceramics) and Adele Darroch deliver exciting projects which are themed to match the topics being studied in class. Mr Draper, our specialist PE teacher, is appointed to deliver lessons to all pupils and we employ a variety of specialist sports coaches. Pupils also learn to develop their swimming skills through our partnership with Macclesfield Leisure Centre.


Manchester Metropolitan University: Teacher Training

Nether Alderley Primary School recognises the value in helping nurture the next generation of teachers, both in what trainees can add to our setting and the future contributions they are to make to the education of children. As such, we welcome trainee teachers each year to work alongside our teachers in order to develop best practice. In doing so, we benefit from trainees' enthusiasm and dedication as well as having access to the latest trends in teacher training - which can sometimes permeate into our daily practice.


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