The Magic Paintbrush

Starting from 4th January we will be using The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson as our key text during English lessons. Here is the link to the STORY

Week 3

Monday 18th January - story map of original story:

Tuesday 19th January - plan for own version

Thursday 21st January and Friday 22nd January -  writing own version of the story

Week 2

Monday 11th January - letter to Shen in best handwriting

Tuesday 12th January - put the events of the story in order

Thursday 14th January - exclamations 

Task 1: Write sentences using exclamation marks correctly (task on screen and added to files below).

Task 2: Draw a picture of part of the story. Use this to write sentences using exclamation marks. 

e.g. What an enormous dragon that is!

Friday 15h January er and est

Your task: write sentences using -er and -est thinking about adjectives from the story to describe the objects.

It was the greatest paintbrush that Shen had ever seen.

The pot of shrimps and oysters was the finest feast for the family.

The red melon was the juciest that the boy had ever tasted.


Links to pre-recorded lessons:

Lesson for Thursday 7th January - Writing sentences using key vocabulary from the story

Lesson for Friday 8th January - writing a letter to Shen 

Extra lesson - How to write a sentence: 

Files to Download

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