Topic: Far Far Away

Lesson 7 - Write and say the numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese

How to pronounce with tones HERE


How to write HERE

Lesson 6 - Compare English and Chinese schools 

Watch a typical day in a Chinese school HERE

Lesson 5 - learn about Chinese New Year and write about how it is celebrated 

Lesson 4 - learning about Beijing 

Optional extra task: Create a Great Wall of China

Extra learning: BBC clip about the difference between cities, towns and villages HERE

Lesson 3 - learning more about China

Lesson 2 - My place in the world mini book

Link to pre-recorded lesson HERE

Lesson 1 - Where is China?

Can you label it on your World Map?

Can you write some facts about China?

Write down your learning in your topic book.

Files to Download

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