Year 1 Maths

Week beginning 1st February:

Links to White Rose Lessons are all on the home learning overview.

If you scroll down to the files section you can see some extra maths challenges for Y1. 

Here is the home learning for Year 1 spring maths.

Week beginning 18th January:

1 related facts

2 compare number sentences

3 problem solving 1 answers on video

4 problem solving 2 answers on video

5 assessment answers on video

Week beginning 11th January:

1 subtraction not crossing 10 by counting back

2  subtraction counting back crossing 10

3 subtraction crossing 10

4 subtraction crossing 10 (lesson 2)

5 counting in 2s 

Week beginning 4th January:

Video links to lessons:

1 add by counting on

2 add ones using number bonds

3 find and make number bonds

4 add by making 10

5 subtraction not crossing 10

Files to Download

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