Year 2 maths

Week beginning 1st February. All links to video lessons are on the home learning overview sheet. 

Additional challenge tasks can be found by scrolling down and downloading the files I have uploaded. 

Here are the links to the video lessons and worksheets for year 2 maths.

Week beginning 18th January

1 make equal groups (sharing)

2 make equal groups (grouping)

3 divide by 2

4 odd and even numbers

5 divide by 5

Week beginning 11th January

1 use arrays

2 make doubles (recap from Y1) Y2 pupils should know 'off by heart' their doubles up to 20

3 2 times table

4 5 times table

5 10 times table

Week beginning 4th January

1 recognise equal groups

2 make equal groups

3 add equal groups

4 multiplication sentences using the times symbol

5 multiplication sentences from pictures

Files to Download

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